Blocks & Rocks
Your local bulk landscape supplier.

Welcome to Blocks & Rocks, your bulk landscape supply store.



Blocks & Rocks has a variety of stock, from nursery and contractor supplies to full landscaping needs for any size project.

Blocks & Rocks specializes in the sale of a variety of block and brick, a multitude of natural stone and a couple of lines of cultured stone.  





Topsoil, an extensive mulch selection, landscaping fabric, a host of lawn and garden implements, flower and vegetable seeds, some drainage products, Hydroponics supplies and nutrients, pond and pump supplies and liners, Haun Welding gas and supplies, along with bagged concrete products and concrete fasteners are also available.


The business also offers a tool rental service ranging from; an electric jackhammer, a 3" mud pump, a wet saw along with a cut off saw. We also rent roofing and framing nailers with a wide selection of nails available.

For all you polar bears out there who enjoy the winter months here in Central New York, Blocks and Rocks will now be jumping into the Motorsports area with snowmobile parts and accessories, and an extensive check over your prized snowmobile